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This lady right here is the truth! She is the reason why I landed the awesome job I have now. Even if you aren’t military, CONTACT her TODAY! I promise you she will give you the tools to CHANGE your situation and your LIFE.”  Y. Smith


“Alisha Brown is the BEST! She’s very knowledgeable and provided exceptional feedback. She helped me with my resume and I immediately started getting hits1 I normally don’t do reviews, but I give credit where credit is due! Give her a call, you won’t be disappointed!!”


“I have three interviews lined up. Two today and one next week. Thank you! I reapplied and got two interviews.”

K. Watkins 
Woman Veteran, Navy

“Your work on my resume paid off! Got several referrals and interviews! Just got my ladder HR/ER job and I start in 2 weeks! Proof is in the pudding! Thank you! I owe you dinner! Or a paint nite..”

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“I wanted to give thanks for your assistance with my resume and guidance on my career with the federal government. Your advice gave me confidence and showed me how to prepare myself for life after the military. When my naval career ended abruptly you kept me focused on the goal which was securing a position within the federal government. With your guidance I was able to translate military jargon into a civilian resume and apply for a position I was qualified for. You gave me tips on how to interview and what should and shouldn’t be discussed in this stage of the hiring process. With your assistance, advice and guidance I was able to secure a position within the federal government and have used your tips to receive various promotions. Thank you again and many blessings to you and your company.”

E. Baker,  Woman Veteran, Navy

Z. Adams
Woman Veteran, Navy

“Alisha Brown….you are the bomb!!!! Thank you for guiding me in enhancing my resume. Every job that I have applied for has been forwarded to the hiring agency. Once again thank you for your services.”

C. Evans
Marine Corps Veteran

“Alisha, just wanted to give you a quick update. This is what I received in my inbox today.  Thank you so much, I feel way more confident about my transition than before, and owe you a huge debt of gratitude. This was the first position I applied for a few days ago. Super excited about the others. Thanks again!”

G. Davenport
Navy Veteran

“I don’t just put my stamp of approval on every business. So when I tell you Alisha Brown is the truth with these resumes I am not exaggerating. All thanks to her. Money well spent.”

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