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Alisha in Action

Alisha D. Brown is a seasoned Employee Relations Speaker and Facilitator, renowned for her dynamic approach to workplace dynamics and human resources. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of employee-employer relationships, Alisha brings a wealth of experience and insight to her presentations. Her engaging sessions delve into the core of effective communication, conflict resolution, and fostering a positive organizational culture. Alisha's unique ability to connect with diverse audiences, coupled with her practical strategies, empowers businesses to build stronger, more harmonious work environments. Whether in large corporate settings or intimate workshops, Alisha's impactful messages resonate, leaving lasting impressions and driving positive change. Elevate your team's understanding of employee relations with Alisha D. Brown, where expertise meets inspiration.

Alisha's Areas of Expertise

Leadership & Advocacy: Women Veterans as Influential Leaders

This compelling and relevant topic that highlights the invaluable contributions of women veterans in various leadership roles, both within the military and in civilian life. During the session, we'll cover:

  • Top leadership qualities women cultivate during their military service

  • Applying military skills and knowledge to civilian leadership roles

  • Utilizing women veterans as role models and advocates for other women

Empowering Women Veterans with Strategies for Career Success

A vital and actionable speaking topic that can provide valuable insights and guidance for women veterans transitioning into civilian careers. During the session, we'll cover:

  • The importance of mentors and how to find the right mentor

  • Preparing to attend networking events and making the most of it

  • The key to building support systems tailored to meet specific career desires

Crafting Your Career Story: The Foundation for Women Veterans to Articulate Their Worth

A a powerful speaking topic that addresses the importance of storytelling in career development, especially for women veterans. During the session, we'll cover:

  • Building marketable and tailored resume content using the STAR Method

  • Creating an easy resume content strategy that can be used multiple times

  • Offering real time exercises to meet the need of the vacancy announcement



Alisha Has Spoken At:

*Make It Happen SIS Org and Podcast
*Hampton Roads Veterans Employment Center
*Active Veterans with Answers
*VET Girls Rock
*On Point with Chenika Bell Podcast
*Boss Babes Brunch Tour Conference
*Female Boss Women’s Expo & Conference
*Do Better Sis Conference
*Alpha Gamma Xi Military Sorority, INC.
*National African American Resume Writers Association
*National Resume Writers Association
*Christina Garrett & The Momathon Movement
*Camouflaged Beauty Podcast
*The Transitioning Warrior Podcast
*Beyond The Front Lines Podcast
*The Female Veterans Podcast

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