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Career shopping can be easier when done with a strategy.  Just as you shop in your favorite retail store - you know exactly what you need, or want, and have a price range configured BEFORE you shop.  Take this same approach with your federal career. 
Remember, you deserve to be happy in your career.  Whether you are a current federal employee, transitioning from the military and want to maintain career structure or a veteran that is seeking to continue to serve, I have a service for you!  You will receive the motivation to bring out your best accomplishments in writing now and forever more.
Before you get started with scheduling a specific service, I encourage you to take advantage of my 15-minute Federal Career Consult!  You will be glad you did.

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Let this agency be your one stop shop for professional expertise to gain and sustain federal employment. Your federal resume makeover or federal career planning advice can be found in one of the Career Planning services below. 


Finding the time and internal personnel to properly train your management team can be daunting. Securing one of our management training options can take that load off your shoulders so you can focus on daily operations. 


  • This is for the person who wants to take control of their Federal care...
    327 US dollars
  • Learn how your resume is viewed by the hiring official.
    107 US dollars
  • 597 US dollars
  • It's time to leave the emotionally written responses to workplace situ...
    Starts at $257
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