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Each service provided by Alisha D. Brown Career Consulting, LLC is curated with the success of the women veteran in mind. We want to offer a well-rounded career development approach beyond resume writing. Focusing on the next steps after starting a job is equally essential because career growth increases the possibility of living a comfortable lifestyle after the military. 
When others turn their back on women veterans or try to erase our contributions to the workplace, AD Brown Consults provides opportunities for you to learn how to articulate your worth and move beyond stale work environments that provide little to no growth. We teach you how to create a strategy fitting for your situation and provide tools you can adjust as you grow in your career. Remember, you deserve to be happy in your career and life.  
AD Brown Consults exists to provide women veterans the motivation and out-of-the-box thinking to bring out their best accomplishments in writing now and forever more.
Before scheduling a specific service, you are encouraged to take advantage of the complimentary 1-hour Meet & Chat with Alisha! 

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