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Answers to our most commonly asked questions related to federal career searches, the interview process and more. 


Are you able to assist me with writing my resume? 

The answer is, it depends.  My ideal client would be the individual who is preparing to transition from the military, military veterans, current and prior federal employees. You should also be interested in gaining a career in the federal government as this is my speciality. I do not develop resumes for private sector employment, however, you can schedule a private sector resume review to gain a professional opinion about your current resume.

Why should I choose you to help me with my federal career needs?

I have walked the walk that my ideal client is trying to walk. From being a military veteran to retiring after 20.5 years of federal government service as a Human Resources Specialist, I provide tailored recommendations that are fitting for each client’s individual needs. In a nutshell, I am a self-taught professional federal resume expert that has assisted many clients with gaining federal employment and promotions within the federal government. Be sure to check the client testimony sections to hear their stories!

How long will it take to complete my federal resume?

My initial completion time is 14 calendar days - excluding Saturday and Sunday.  There is an option to add a Rush Fee ($97.00) to your purchase.  This would decrease the turn around time to seven (7) calendar days.  However, this is all driven by the response time from the client and the time it takes to receive requested information from the client.

What makes your federal resume development process different from others?

My services are backed by personal and professional knowledge that cannot be taught in training sessions or college courses. I communicate with all of my clients multiple times during the development process to capture their full knowledge, skills, abilities and accomplishments. My process can be considered a highly-interactive process - not a one size fits all.

Besides a federal resume, what else can I expect?

This depends highly on the needs of the client. However, it is my protocol to deliver high level recommendations of other career series to consider that align with the current skills and abilities. Each recommendation is rendered utilizing OPM’s minimum qualifications in a strategic manner. Ultimately, you can expect to have a one stop federal career stop when working with me.

When do I pay for my services?

Unlike most, my clients are not able to purchase a federal resume development service outright. Each client is put through my screening process first.  Therefore, the purchase of a federal resume review or a comprehensive resume analysis must take place first and the service is paid for when scheduled online - upfront payment.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Short answer is No. Detailed answer is unfortunately, receiving a promotion or an interview invite is not guaranteed after using my services. Therefore, I do not offer refunds.

Do you offer payment plans or pay later programs?

Not at this time.

Do you keep my documents or destroy them?

I will utilize and maintain any documents received until the service is complete. Afterwards, I will maintain the finished federal resume content only. All client documents will be shredded within 24 hours after completion of service.

Do you offer a referral program?

YES!!! Once a prior or current client refers to a potential client and they purchase a federal resume review or comprehensive resume analysis, the referring client will receive an electronic gift card. REFER! REFER! REFER!

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